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Financial Forms

If you need any one of the following financial forms, please feel free to download them below. If you have any questions, please contact CUMC Treasurer Heather Dolhi at hdolhi@communityumchurch.com or 724-744-3413.

Payment Voucher

Please use this voucher for all payments going forward. You can fill it out electronically and email it to me (my preference), or you can continue to fill it out manually and place it in my mailbox at the church. If you email it, you will also need to email me the invoice or receipts that go along with the voucher. Please note that the voucher must be approved by the budget line item owner. If you don’t know who that is for your specific request, please let me know.


Deposit Notice

If you have funds that are given through the offering for specific purposes such as mission work, Camp Allegheny, CUMC Shirt Sale, etc., this form will help the counters and the Financial Secretary make sure that those funds are properly accounted for. This is not to be used on a weekly basis with your offering–just when you are depositing a sum of money that was collected for a specific purpose or for a designated offering. If you have any questions on either form, just let me know.


Designated Offering Credit Form

*The downloadable Excel file contains both the Deposit Notice and the Designated Offering Credit Form sheets.

Thank you in advance for using these new forms. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments and/or suggestions. You can reach me at hdolhi@communityumchurch.com or 724-744-3413.