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Building Update

Community Church is expanding our facility! We've spent years gathering information regarding financing, building design and ministry needs, we are excited as our vision takes shape. Many members of CUMC's congregation have played a integral part in bringing these images to you. We are deeply thankful to those, especially the people on our building committee, who have spent countless hours determining the best use of space to bring the love of Christ to our community through this expansion.

If you haven't had a chance to see the panoramic views of our proposed building interiors, you'll want to check out the interactive links below. You can click on the photos and drag to see 360 degree of our panoramic lobby view and panoramic sanctuary view. It might take a few seconds for the links to fully load so you can see a clear picture--be patient! It is worth the wait! If you have any questions regarding the expansion process, please feel free to talk to the Pastors, staff or members of the building committee.


Building News

We’re so thankful for another week of significant progress! In the back, the installation of the red iron framework and decking will continue for the next couple of weeks. It’s so exciting to watch as the structure takes shape and you can envision what the layout will really look like. You can even see the balcony and the audio/visual platform! In the front, the framing for the glass walls is now up. The glass will be installed once the concrete slab for the portico is poured. The office suite is nearing completion and will be ready for occupancy in June. We’re asking for your continued prayers for the safety of everyone working on this project and that we would be able to stay on schedule through the spring and summer.

We hope that you’re feeling joy and excitement to see all of the progress being made right now. We expect that May will be full of changes, so please keep your eyes open for changes in traffic patterns as we make more adjustments due to the construction. 


Traffic Patterns

Please use caution, care and patience when entering and exiting our campus. Signage and lots of friendly faces will help direct you as you come and go, but we ask that you take your time in the parking lot.

For the next 8-9 months, our traffic patterns will remain the same. You will enter the parking lot as you normally do. You will no longer have the option of proceeding to the right of the building to the back of the church. Instead, you will drive along the front of the building (note that the parking in the top lot will not be available, see below). To access the rear parking lots, you will use the lanes between the MMR and the Ministry House. This will be a two lane traffic pattern, and we ask you to use great care driving in this area. Be alert for oncoming traffic as well as adults and children making their way into church.

Parking Lot

We understand that parking will be less convenient during construction, including not being able to park in the top parking lot. We apologize in advance, and we hope that you’ll find this to be just a short-term inconvenience. Please plan to allow a few extra minutes to get into our campus and park. We would like to ask our members and regular attendees to please come early to service and stay and fellowship a while before leaving after services. Also, if able, please park away from the building in order to help our guests/visitors and those with mobility problems to feel more comfortable and have easy access to the Church. Thank You for your cooperation during this busy time. If you have concerns regarding the parking lot, please contact Elizabeth Somes (esomes@communityumchurch.com), or better yet, join her Parking Lot Ministry Team.

Need a lift?

If you have difficulty walking to the sanctuary or MMR, we have several wheelchairs that can be used to get you there. We have also designated the pull-off area by the elevator entrance as a drop-off point. We are experimenting with a golf-cart shuttle if you need a lift from the parking area. Please inform one of the friendly Parking Lot Ministry Team Members (wearing an orange vest or shirt) of your needs when you pull into the lot.

Construction Area Off-Limits

We are excited about construction ramping up, and we hope you are too! We are thrilled to see construction starting—but let’s watch from a safe distance! Please note that construction sites are inherently dangerous. Please ensure that you and your

children stay safe by not venturing past the construction fencing, even when construction workers are not onsite. Although the area may appear safe, tripping hazards and other hidden dangers are likely present. Next year, we will be scheduling tours of the new sanctuary when it is safe to do so. We thank you for your patience as we begin this exciting stage in the church’s history.

Entering the Building

Due to construction, the ONLY entrance to the building will be the double glass doors by the elevator. You can access the second floor via the stairs or the elevator. For safety purposes, you will be able to exit most doors in emergency situations, but please plan to enter the building using the glass doors by the elevator.

Building Use

For years, we’ve tried to live up to our name with regards to providing use of our building. We’ve opened our doors to the community for baby and bridal showers, birthday celebrations, sporting events and other gatherings. While we are under construction, our space is limited, and it will be our priority to reserve room for the ministry events of Community Church. For this reason, we ask that you consider other venues for non-ministry events as we will not be able to accommodate requests for community events. Thank you for understanding!

Construction Project Point of Contact

If you have questions about the project, please feel free to contact Deb MacAllister (dmacallister@communityumchurch.com) or Heather Dolhi (hdolhi@communityumchurch.com). They will be attending weekly progress meetings and working closely with McKnight throughout construction. McKnight has requested that a point of contact be maintained to reduce confusion and maintain continuity.

Thank you for your continued prayers and patience as construction continues!