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Because people matter

Hospitality Training Experience

with Mark Waltz

Don't leave the experience of your guests to chance. Intentionally equip your teams to create and deliver a guest experience that brings them back - with their friends.

We believe that guests of the local church should know that they matter. Join us for an educational, engaging and fun day with Mark Waltz, the leading voice in Guest Services. Learn how your church can welcome guests in a way that shows them that you are glad they came.

Saturday, November 10th

9am-3pm (Doors open at 8:30am)

For ALL Pastors, Staff and Volunteers

ONLY $25/person ($10 box lunch optional)

Community Church – Harrison City 3487 Route 130 Irwin, PA

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Who is Mark Waltz?

For 35 years, Mark's life and work have been about people: retail management, employment services, team training, church leadership, consulting and leadership development. It’s been and is all about people. 

Mark is a sought-after trainer, consultant and coach. Churches from England, Canada and across the U.S. have taken their teams and ministry to new levels of hospitality and care through Mark’s practical training. His clear understanding of guests, expertise in team-building and keen eye for excellence call out the best in the people who make up the local church. 

Mark is the author of three books: First Impressions: Creating Wow Experiences in Your Church, Lasting Impressions: From Visiting to Belonging and How to Wow: 101 Meaningful Ways to Make a First Impression. His resources are used in college classrooms, local churches, other non-profits and businesses. 

Mark most recently served as a pastor at Granger Community Church where he led in various leadership roles over 18 years. 

Learn more at: BecausePeopleMatter.com