Building Committee

Community Church is in the beginning stages of expanding our current facility! We've spent years gathering information regarding financing, building design and ministry needs, we are excited as our vision takes shape. Many members of CUMC's congregation have played a integral part in bringing these images to you. We are deeply thankful to those, especially the people on our building committee, who have spent countless hours determining the best use of space to bring the love of Christ to our community through the potential expansion.

If you haven't had a chance to see the panoramic views of our proposed building interiors, you'll want to check out the interactive links below. You can click on the photos and drag to see 360 degree of our panoramic lobby view and panoramic sanctuary view. It might take a few seconds for the links to fully load so you can see a clear picture--be patient! It is worth the wait! If you have any questions regarding the expansion process, please feel free to talk to the Pastors, staff or members of the building committee.


Fast and furious, slow and ponderous, or somewhere in between? What’s been happening since the congregation voted to go ahead with the project a month ago? Boring things like contracts and paperwork mainly. We’re making steady progress towards closing on our loan with the United Methodist Development Fund. They’ve requested numerous documents, including copies of our ALTA land survey, title documents, construction plans, funds spent to date, insurance certificates, and a draft copy of our contract with McKnight. You’d think they were building the project, not

just funding it. UMDF did approve our signing of the contract with McKnight, enabling them to sign contracts with their subs, the ones who will be constructing the project. For the most part, these subs are local firms, many having already worked with McKnight on a project in Indiana, PA.

Over the next few weeks, we can expect to see heavy equipment start to arrive at the church. Once onsite, our site development contractor will construct a gravel entrance on the former Wilkins property, the empty lot to west of the church. While the contractors will use this entrance to construct a retaining wall on the southwest side of the property, we will continue to enter at our existing entrance, drive along the front of the church and park in the rear southeast section of our existing lot.

At the same time the retaining wall is being constructed at the rear of the property, McKnight plans to begin construction on the new entrance/office addition at the front of the church. By starting the front addition this summer, they anticipate finishing the heavy/noisy work in this area before school starts in the fall, and, hopefully, permit us to take partial occupancy of this space early 2018. The challenge in having both areas under construction at the same time means that our primary entrance to the church will be the double glass doors by the elevator. We will continue to have a drop-off point near the MMR doors, but for the rest of us, we can expect to get a little more exercise when we come to church.

Once construction is underway, a top concern for us, McKnight, and the contractors is the safety of everyone at the church. With that in mind, the construction site will be fenced off, and access will only be permitted by authorized personnel with prior approval. Of course, we’ll all be curious about how the work is progressing. To satisfy that natural curiosity, McKnight recommends holding an open house for the congregation once the addition is under roof, but before he finishes are in place. So, around this time next year, we hope to invite the congregation to write a prayer on the floor or the wall studs of the sanctuary. Won’t that be exciting? I can’t wait.

If you have any questions about the project or how it is progressing, please feel free to contact Deb MacAllister at 724-744-3413 or; she is McKnight’s primary contact for the project and will be attending regular progress meetings. If she doesn’t know the answers, she will find out for you. Meanwhile, we’ll

continue to provide construction updates in the newsletter each month. We will also post updates on our website ( and Facebook page (Community UM Church), through email, and on bulletin boards in the church. 

Traffic patterns will change later this summer, and we want everyone to be aware of these changes before they

occur. So, stay alert! Construction ahead!